Komodo Digital Hygrometer

Easily keep an eye on humidity within your terrarium

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  • Digital hygrometer measures humidity within your terrarium
  • Flexible sensor included so you can record precisely
  • Easy to use two-button controls and digital display
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This digital hygrometer means you can check the humidity levels throughout the day to make sure that the levels are correct in the enclosure for your reptile. The humidity is very important for many species, and providing them with the correct levels can make all the difference in their health, so its vital that you're sure that the humidity you create is what they need.

This hygrometer can accurately read the levels of water in the enclosure, from the flexible sensor that comes with plenty of wire to ensure you can place the probe in the most relevant location. This has the ability to show the maximum and minimum reading since it was last reset, meaning you can check what levels drop down to overnight, and also what they peak to during the day. This can be easily reset at the touch of a button, giving you fresh readings for the next time frame.

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