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Lucky Reptile Fruit Mix 35g

Perfect food supplement for fruit loving reptiles

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At a glance...
  • A nutritious fruit blend supplement
  • Contains bee pollen
  • Can be fed wet or dry
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Lucky Reptile Fruit Mix is the perfect food supplement for fruit loving reptiles like geckos and iguanas, who tend to enjoy about 20% fruit in their diet, helping them gain a source of important vitamins and minerals as well as enhancing the taste of their daily meals.

Made from a carefully selected mix of real fruits, Lucky Reptile Fruit Mix is sent to you in dry form, retaining more of the fruits nutrients within each piece, as well as being mixed with bee pollen. Your reptile will probably enjoy a dry meal, but if you want you can re-hydrate the Fruit Mix with a little water to your reptile's tastes.

Just sprinkle in either wet of dry form over your reptile's daily feed to augment their meal both nutritionally and for taste.

Crude protein: 7%, fat content: 2.9%, crude fibres: 14.3%.

At a glance:

  • Nutritious blend of fruits.
  • Contains bee pollen - a reptile superfood.
  • Can be fed wet or dry.
  • Perfect for geckos.
  • Iguanas and tortoises will love it.
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