ProRep Reptile Top Trumps Game

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ProRep Reptile Top Trumps is a fun game just like everyone's favourite childhood game of cards but is also educational, helping children and adults alike learn about turtles, their biology and behaviour


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From the ever-popular and fun TOP TRUMPS series of card games, comes this ProRep Reptile Top Trumps deck - a fun way to learn about reptiles for any enthusiast.

Top trumps is a game of one-upmanship - each player gets dealt a set of cards featuring a different reptile on each card. The player who knows their reptiles best will usually come out on top, as the game involves taking turns to see whose card fairs best in a chosen category,


If I got a crocodile on my card, I would like to play the category of "teeth" as the crocodile has more teeth than most, if not all reptiles, so my partner's score for teeth is probably lower, then I would win his card!

The person with the most cards at the end wins!

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