ProRep Terrainium 18inch

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The ProRep Terrainium comes in three colours, giving you choice to suit your own room. This is the 18" size, which is ideal for ground dwelling nocturnal species or small snakes, providing you with a great viewing platform to see what they're getting up to.


  • Terrainium 18 inch Oak
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  • Terrainium 18 inch Black
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Product Information

This is an ideal enclosure for ground species and small snakes, such as Corn Snakes or Milk Snakes. This comes with a built in area for the heat mat to be placed, providing a heated area that is not in direct contact with the animal itself.

There is a choice of three colours, Oak, Black and Green, giving a professional and neat finish to your reptile enclosures. There is also great ventilation, and also latchable lock, ensuring that your reptile is always kept safe and secure.

The front glass means there is optimum viewing, and also a top glass panel too, so they are great for watching your reptiles throughout the day. These are easy to use, top opening enclosures, with no nooks or crannies, so easy to clean as well.

To set up, simply slide a heat mat under the glass plate at the back of the unit, and install a thermometer probe to the easy access space on the back, to accurately read and check the temperature.

Size 18"x11.5"x6" (LxDxH)

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    Date 14/07/2019 08:07am
    ProRep Terrainium 18 inch Oak
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    Not been delivered yet I'm not happy
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    Date 13/02/2017 13:02pm
    ProRep Terrainium 18 inch Black
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    Nice little viv for my hatchling corn snake. I had a plastic faunarium before which had issues with the doors. This viv is perfect and well constructed to do the job. Heat mat sits in between two panes of glass and comes with a polystyrene insulator on the bottom. Minimal effort on my part as it came pre built.