Live Bean Weevils

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Help and advice on shopping for: Live Bean Weevils

The perfect live food for small scalies

A great food source for small reptiles or infants from larger species, Bean weevils are a specialist live food with a lot of application. While not offering all of the benefits of crickets or locusts they are easy to keep and feed to many species like adult beetles and spiders and other tropical species.

What are Bean weevils?

Bean weevils are small beetle that feeds on dried peas and dried beans. They burrow into beans, peas and pulses as larvae before emerging as an adult beetle, only a few millimetres long. Bean weevils are a good source of protein for reptiles, like Bearded dragons, as well as young frogs, toads, spiders and praying mantis. They are non-aggressive and can do little to injure even small animals as they do not possess biting mouthparts.

Why are the benefits of Bean weevils?

Bean weevils are the best live food for small and immature reptiles that like very small food items in the same way as fruit flies, like small lizards, amphibians and invertebrates such as baby preying mantids. While they don’t offer as much nutrition as crickets or locusts they are easy to eat and will produce weevils for several weeks. Bean weevils like moisture and will eat most jelly additives, so it’s possible to enhance your reptiles diet with any vitamins they need by feeding it to the weevils. Live Bean weevils are also bioactive and will help to break down waste material, making them a useful addition to an enclosure.

What are the main types of Bean weevils for sale?

While live Bean weevils can be sold like other live food we sell them in a culture that contains both adult weevils and feeding larvae. These cultures allow you to create a small colony that can be used as custodians, as well as food for your reptile.

What should I look for?

Live Bean weevils arrive in a plastic tub, need little upkeep and are quite small, making them easy to store, however, we still recommend ensuring that you have enough space and live food supplies to house a full Bean weevil culture before making a purchase.