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Help and advice on shopping for: Live Snails

Edible snails for your Skinks

Live snails are a brilliant source of food for many reptiles including Pink tongued skinks, who are famous for their love of snail species, as well as amphibians like terrapins and toads. Our snails come in a couple of different packs to suit different animals' dietary needs. These are land snails, designed to feed terrestrial species.

What are snails?

Live food snails are generally small species within the snail animal group that are used to feed reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. They are much smaller than a common garden snail and have been grown on a snail farm to ensure they are free of parasites. Live snails make for great food as they can eat a lot of different nutrients, gut loading them for consumption by your pet. Each snail also offers some hunting challenges and a large amount of calcium, perfect for developing strong reptile bones.

Why should I buy live snails?

Snails are easy to keep, they require a little food but they can eat a large variety including most fruit and veg as well as many feed supplements. They don't need much in the way of a temperature change as their natural habitat is far less tropical than other live food insects. Snails will keep for weeks at a time and can be used as a dietary staple, an occasional treat or a feed supplement alongside other live feed. If you have any Blue tongued skinks they are particularly good as the species is known to enjoy eating snails.

Can you buy snails in the UK?

Edible snails for reptiles can be bought in the UK from Swell Reptiles. Our live food supplier runs a snail farm full of nutritious snail species, ranging from tiny snails to medium land snails. Many reptiles and amphibians are natural predators of land snails and will often hunt them in their natural habitat, making them a natural meal choice. Our live food land snails are despatched from our livefood supplier by Royal Mail on a next-day-delivery service, if you order before 1pm they even will send out your livefood the same day. As the livefood comes from our livefood supplier, you will receive it separately to any other items ordered from us.

What are the main types of snails for sale?

We sell our snails in two types of packs; medium and large. The size of the pack reflects the size of the snails within it and not the number of snails you’ll receive. Medium snail packs include 8 medium snails, suitable for feeding to small and medium-sized reptiles. Large snail packs include 6 large snails and are designed to feed larger reptiles.

What should I look for?

Check that your pet can eat snails before making a purchase, to avoid the risk of disappointment. We recommend trying them with one pack first to see if they enjoy the snails and then if they do, buy in bulk to minimise delivery costs.