Reptile Lighting Equipment

First of all, you need to have a think about your reptile's visible lighting needs: are they a nocturnal (active at night) or Diurnal (active in daylight) reptile? You may decide that it is necessary to control their day-night cycle, so use a Reptile Lighting Timer to do so, ensuring they get a regular dose of alternating conditions to allow them to maintain a normal biological 'clock' - just like us humans who enjoy sleeping at night rather than in the day.

More important than this might be the level of UV your reptile requires. Desert reptiles such as Bearded Dragons require large amounts of Ultra violet light that cannot be gained from a normal light bulb - about 10% to 12% UV output, in fact. This allows them to perform their usual metabolic functions and prevents problems like metabolic bone disease from developing.

Rainforest reptiles are used to having it warm too, with nearly every inch of tropical rainforest habitat falling between the two tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, far closer to the warm equator than the UK. Reptiles from this area of the world don't receive quite as much UV as desert reptiles living along similar lines of latitude due to the dense foliage of the rainforest blocking much of it out, however most would agree that rainforest reptiles require between 2 and 5 percent UV output to remain active and healthy. At Swell Reptiles you can find a fantastic range of UV Bulbs with varying fittings, UV output percentages and wattages to suit all needs, all at low prices. They come as either single bulbs to provide UV just in one spot or as a long fluorescent tube (strip light) to provide UV to a larger area.

Heat bulbs are often a must for reptiles too. With the vast majority of reptile species originating from climates much warmer than the UK, and UV bulbs mainly just giving out UV and not much heat, and added 'overhead' heat source is needed to mimic the sun in your reptile's vivarium or terrarium.

Often called Heat Spot or basking bulbs, these reptile bulbs kick out plenty of heat as well as light in a variety of intensities. There are also Red, Blue and Green reptile bulbs for nocturnal species that won't affect their day-night cycle, or ones that can replicate the light given by the moon, too.

If you have a tortoise or a desert reptile that requires plenty of both heat, normal light, and UV too, then you can opt for a Mercury Vapour bulb! These guys tend to cost a little more than most bulbs, but that's because they are a one-hit wonder - everything your reptile needs in one simple bulb!

You can now take advantage of LED technology to care for your reptile too! We stock a great range of LED lights, with more models being released all the time. LED lights often feature lower energy consumption too, making it even easier to care for your reptile without harming your finances every month.

So don't keep your reptile in the dark! Our lighting solutions will brighten any cold blooded creature's day, and provide him with the essential heat, UVA and UVB rays he needs for a strong, healthy immune system, eyes, skin and bones.