Mercury Vapour Bulbs

Most of these bulbs produce a lot of heat and UV, and so are best suited for desert reptiles such as bearded dragons and some tortoises - reptiles that would receive about 10% UV. If its a desert reptile you have, this is everything that your desert dweller needs is in one bulb, and as they have a very long life span, you can be confident of a great performance and therefore a happy healthy reptile - just remember that they must be positioned completely vertically, not at an angle or else the hotter mercury vapour can rise to one side of the bulb and potentially damage it - otherwise, you are good to go!

Our own Swell Super Sun Mercury Vapour Lamp is ideal for your pet, and compares more than favourably with the leading competitor in terms of both performance and price. Use it with the Swell Clamp Lamp, to make sure it's in the right place.

Suitable for Bearded Dragons, desert snakes and other desert reptiles.