Standard Bulbs BC Fitting

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Great little light bulbs for domestic use emitting both heat and light, available from Swell Reptiles. Features a range of randomly selected but high-quality makes.


  • 15 watt Pygmy Bayonet
    code: 15wPBC In stock Only 5 left in stock
  • 60 watt BC Clear
    code: 60wBCClear In stock More than 10 in stock
  • 100 watt BC Clear
    code: 100wBCClear In stock More than 10 in stock

Product Information

Standard Lightbulbs for domestic use available in 15w, 60w and 100w intensities.

Great value for money, these standard domestic bulbs are available from Swell and are made by a range of different manufacturers to give you the best deals.

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