Swell Calcium Powder + Multivitamin

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A calcium supplement is essential for good reptile keeping, and this from Swell combines the necessary Calcium with essential multivitamins, ensuring your reptile has everything required to be fit and healthy.


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Product Information

This Calcium powder will provide all the nutrients required for your reptile to grow and thrive. Calcium is a basic requirement for reptiles, needing it for the bones and growth and preventing metabolic bone disorder. The extra multivitamins included are important to the health of your reptile, though should be used sparingly, using this only a 2-3 times a week ideally with the Calcium + D3 the rest of the week.

This routine will ensure that your reptile will get calcium every day as needed, with D3 and multivitamins mixed in throughout the week, giving them the perfect coverage of supplements. Simple to use, just dust this over live food just before offering to your reptile. This can also be mixed into Bug Grub in small amounts, meaning the livefood will digest small amounts of calcium too! For species that don't eat live food, then this can also be sprinkled onto vegetation to ensure they are getting all the goodness they require.

Calcium Powder, Vitamin D3, Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Nutritional Additives
Calcium 205g per kg
Vitamin D3 150000 iu/kg

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    Date 19/04/2017 08:04am
    Swell Calcium Powder + Multivitamin - 125g
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    I tried swells own multivitamin instead of other brands, it's a great price and covers everything that I need.
  • Rating
    Date 10/03/2017 00:03am
    Swell Calcium Powder + Multivitamin - 125g
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    Amazing quality mix of MultiVit/ calcium. Would also have liked if SwellReptiles did just a multivitamin and just a calcium powder:)