Swell Coco Soil

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Our new Coco Soil, a rich substrate that is ideal for rainforest set ups, and can also be dried more to provide a slightly more arid environment.


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Product Information

Swell Reptiles Coco Soil, which comes in a handy 1 brick, 3 brick, or loose 10ltr pack, can be used for any rainforest set up, as a mix with a sand product, or in an eco-environment to help clean up crew thrive.

The bricks, which are simple to use and easy to store, can just be submerged in water to allow them to hydrate and the soil to loosen for use.

If you want to utilise this soil in a drainage eco system, it is best used with a drainage layer intitially, then a layer of drainage mesh, before putting the soil on the top. This means you can create a water reservoir under the soil, which will constantly supply the soil with water and keep it moist, helping with humidity, whilst not allowing the soil to become water logged.

This soil can be used for any rainforest species, frogs, geckos and other species, and when mixed with sand would be great for digging species like monitors.

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