Swell Corn Snake Starter Kit - Bronze

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Our Swell Corn Snake Bronze Kit is a great set up for baby Corn Snakes, and will fit a hatchling in for a few months, up to 1 year maximum, though this will depend on the individual snake. Coming equipped for your first baby Corn, there is choice between a slightly larger faunarium and the Swell Acrylic display box.


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Product Information

This Bronze kit comes with the small faunarium of your choice, either the Faunarium or Swells own Acrylic display box. We've also included the required heat source and thermostat, so you know your pet is kept at the perfect temperature.

What's in this kit?

The choice between the ExoTerra Large Flat Faunarium, measuring 18" x 12" x 6.5", or the Swell Display Acrylic display box, which measures 12" x 8" x 6". The age of your snake may dictate which size is best for you pet. This comes with a small heat mat, and the thermostat to ensure that your baby snake is kept safe and at the correct temperature. There is also a thermometer so you can keep an eye on the temperature as well.

We also have a bag of substrate, a soft wood choice that will be safe and clean for the baby snake. To finish the kit, there is a small water bowl and a half coconut hide. Decoration and disinfectant is recommend to purchase with this kit.

At a Glance:

Plastic Terrarium

Heat Mat and Thermostat



Small Hide

Water bowl

Items shown in image are not specific and are just a representation of this kits contents.

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