Swell LED Light Unit

Add an incredible LED array to your reptile enclosure

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  • Powerful 6W LED light for reptile terrariums and vivariums
  • Spectacular LED array capable of creating a wide range of colours
  • Touch sensor controls for easy use
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This small 6W unit comes equipped with 30 LEDs to provide super bright and efficient light, with the option of having them as white-only, blue-only or a mixture of both.

These are controlled by a sensor touch, so simply touch once to get the white-only LEDs, touch again for blue-only LEDs, and a third time for both to be on together. The fourth touch turns them off, so this really is the easiest system to use.

Finished in a sleek black design, these are top quality yet lightweight, so perfect for placing on top of small enclosures, such as the Swell Acrylic Display Boxes. They can be placed directly onto the unit, though they also come with 2 metal mounting brackets, which can be adjusted in width to sit on to the edge of an enclosure if needed. These brackets can adjust from 17cm - 30cm for easy installation.

  • 13.5cm x 9cm
  • 24 White LEDs
  • 6 Blue LEDs
  • 6W LED Array
  • Touch Sensor Control
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