Swell Lignocel

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A very popular choice of substrate for snake keepers, this Lignocel is part of Swells own brand range of substrates, offering you the best quality, at our own competitive prices. Sold in 10l or 20l bags, these are resealable as well, so no mess everywhere once opened!


  • Lignocel - 10ltr
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  • Lignocel - 20ltr
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Product Information

This Lignocel is a great substrate, mainly used for snakes, though can be great for a variety of species. It is virtually dust free and a highly absorbent substrate, meaning it is great for hatchlings as well as larger snakes.

Made from wood sourced from sustainable forests, it is low in dust as well as natural oils, and is ideal for species that do not require any humidity. Its great absorbancy means that it is easy to spot clean, and will last for a sustained period. This also means that odours are reduced!

A fine and soft wood particle means that this is great for burrowing species, such as Sand Boas, as there are no sharp pieces as such can be found in Aspen.

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