Swell Natural Cork Tile Background

A natural cork bark background for an arboreal terrarium

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  • Reptile cork tile background for terrariums
  • Made from grippy cork for climbing plants and arboreal animals
  • Available in a huge selection of custom sizes
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This was the finishing touch my terrarium needed, my Leopard Geckos love it.

What is Swell Reptiles Natural Cork Tile Background?

Swell Reptiles Natural Cork Tile Background is the perfect choice of panels for terrarium, vivarium and tank backing. It is suitable for both small and large enclosures and is highly resistant to mold. The background creates a thick wall of grippy material that plants and animals can use to climb. The cork is easy to work with as well and can be used to pin decor, creating interesting vertical habitats. It’s also suitable for both high-humidity and arid habitats, so you can be sure it will fit into whatever you’re building.

Why should I buy Swell Reptiles Natural Cork Tile Background?

Cork is a great vertical foundation and a classic of UK reptile keeping as you can easily pin all sorts of things to it, including live plants, climbing decor and even reptile supplies like frozen food. It’s easy to work with and can be cut into almost any shape with relative ease, so you can get creative with it. The earthy tone and texture of the panels also create a nice natural look that will look better than a terrarium with no background or a flat image.

Is this cork background tile suitable for high-humidity environments?

Yes, cork works great in high-humidity environments as long as the panels are fixed to the walls of your enclosure with a high-quality sealant. The cork will even absorb and rerelease some moisture, similar to some substrates, contributing to the overall humidity. Cork is resistant to mildew and other types of mold, so as long as you clean it regularly it should be fine in even the most naturalistic terrariums.

Which of the custom sizes of cork tile background should I buy?

Our cork backgrounds come in a range of pre-cut tile sizes to fit all sorts of terrariums. If you just want to cover the back wall of your terrarium we recommend measuring the wall and buying a tile slightly bigger then it cutting to size. If you want to create something a little more complex we recommend buying the larger sizes of tiles and then cutting them to size. In particularly large enclosures you may find you need to buy several panels to cover a full wall.

How do I install Swell Reptiles Natural Cork Tile Background?

The cork tiles are pretty easy to put up and will adhere to almost anything when stuck with a sealant, such as King British Vivarium Sealant. This sealant is waterproof and highly resistant to high-humidity environments. Each tube of sealant should contain enough to affix several panels.







Model Dimensions (approximately)
SWLR0486 30x30cm
SWLR0487 30x45cm
SWLR0488 45x45cm
SWLR0489 60x45cm
SWLR0490 45x60cm
SWLR0491 60x60cm
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