Swell Multi Box

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Our new Swell Multi Box - a tub for a multitude of uses! This plastic environments are suitable for a variety of uses, including housing for small hatchling snakes or leopard geckos. Great for travel as well, and also can be used for quarantine or as a tub for whilst the housing is being cleaned out.


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Product Information

These Swell Multi Boxes are ideal for almost all situations! Ideal for transport, due to the variety of sizes, and the great handles on them. Coming in 5 different shapes and sizes, this will allow a temporary housing, a transport box or an full living space - perfect for small snakes, inverts, and ground species that dont require UVB. 

Equipped with a small "feeding port" so that you can drop livefood or spray into the tubs without having to take the lid off, it means these can be stacked and not disturbed unless you're cleaning or taking out the inhabitants. 

If not stacked, you can also utilise the handy top opening flap which gives each access and is big enough to fit a hand to easily clean or move things around inside, without having to take the whole lid off. 

Product Specification

Product Size
Swell Multi Box Small 20.5 x 20.5 x 17cm
Swell Multi Box Small Square 26 x 26 x 20cm
Swell Multi Box Medium 32.5 x 22 x 21cm
Swell Multi Box Large 42 x 26 x 16cm
Swell Multi Box Round 30 x 19cm

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