Swell Tropical Grey Woodlice

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Tropical Woodlice are a fantastic addition to Rainforest set up terrraiums, as they excel in cleaning organic waste and helping to keep your pets environment clean and healthy. They can be used in planted set ups and will not destroy the plants. These make a wonderful soft bodied food source for your amphibians and invertebrates and are high in calcium.


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Product Information

These Woodlice will breed readily in the right environment, helping to keep things clean and healthy for your pets. Matched with creatures like Springtails, these will provide food for small creatures, such as Dart Frogs, as well as maintaining the standard of the terrarium.

These are a calcium based bug, which reproduces easily in dark rainforest climates. They are slightly larger than Springtails, growing to around 5mm, and not only provide food, but are high in calcium for your animals as well.

This Pre-Pack tub offers a soil tub filled with Woodlice for you to release into your enclosure. In order to get them well set up in an effect eco-system we would recommend getting these in first, before adding any pets, for around 10 - 14days, allowing these to establish before being eaten off at all.

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