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Naturally sourced decor that will create an amazing habitat to explore

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What are The Spider Shop Décor Packs?

The Spider Shop Décor Packs are a range of decorations for your vivarium. The packs all have a natural aesthetic, making them blend in well in most vivariums, and adds a classic, forest-like feel to your enclosure.

What is in the different available packs?

  • Lichen Moss- A very versatile moss best used for decorating a terrarium. This moss can be glued to décor in your vivarium, or placed around as ground cover. Moss is a fantastic choice to add to a terrarium as it creates a unique appearance and fills out the empty spaces in your enclosure, giving the natural aesthetic a boost.
  • Dried Mushrooms- This décor pack was especially designed for use in an enclosure with a tarantula or an exotic invertebrate, although it can be used for many vivariums. These mushrooms are dried to help with preserving them and their unique shape. Dried Mushrooms are a great addition to a vivarium, as they really enhance the natural aesthetic, and add texture and structure. These mushrooms allow you to use your creativity, as they can be altered to be used as small shelves due to their being mostly flat, or can be placed into the substrate to recreate a forest feel.
  • Buddha Nut- The Buddha Nut is a beautiful natural piece to add to your enclosure. The open shell will provide a great hiding spot due to their large open interior, and is suitable for a wide range of pets, including woodlice, frogs, millipedes and more. Due to it's large size, the Buddha Nut makes for a great centrepiece in a natural themed vivarium.
  • Badam Pods-The Badam Pods add a small hiding place, whilst keeping in with the natural feel of a forest floor. Whilst being both useful in their use as a hiding or basking spot, these pods also add texture and style to a vivarium. Each piece will vary slightly in shape, size and colour, which means your pack will be truly unique, each with their own rugged texture and deep natural colours.
  • Tillandsia Moss- Tillandsia Moss is a unique, often pale coloured moss with light fluffy-looking texture. This moss is very different to more traditional thick green moss, which makes it very unique. Great for adding ground cover and texture, this décor pack will simulate a forest floor, and can even be glued to other decorative pieces to enhance them.
  • Palm Ring-The Palm Ring Décor pack is full of unique shapes and textures that can really give depths to a vivarium, enhancing the natural aesthetic as much as possible. With many options how you will choose to use them in your enclosure, you will be able to create a unique display, or even just fill in some empty spaces.
  • Rose Of Jericho- The Rose Of Jericho is an extraordinary plant, that can survive in very severe conditions and curls up, looking dried and dead, but when adding water, "comes back to life". The Rose Of Jericho is a desert plant, and has a truly remarkable appearance, due to its versatility between being in it's dormant state, brown, curled and dry, but can look completely different if watered, bringing a beautiful deep green appearance. This plant is a beautiful décor piece that will enhance your terrarium and showcase a unique quality.
  • Lotus Pods- These Lotus pods are dried seed pods from a lotus, which is a very popular choice of terrarium décor, especially for isopods as they are small enough to explore the holes. These dried seed pods are durable and long-lasting, and will enhance your enclosure with their distinctive shape and texture, and each one will be unique.
  • Ourico Pod- The Ourico Pod is the outer shell of a brazil nut, and makes for a perfect hide due to it's large entrance and sheltered shape. The Ourico Pod can also be used as a natural water dish, although it is mostly recommended as a décor piece or a sheltered space for your pet to go when it needs to relieve anxieties. This Pod is durable and long-lasting, therefore a great natural addition to a terrarium.

Why should I buy these Décor Packs?

These décor packs are great value for money, as you will receive a pack size for most of the products, giving you a larger amount than having purchased them separately. You have many different pack to chose from as well, giving you some freedom to be creative with your decorating, especially when purchasing multiple packs. As these products are natural décor, each pack will be unique, and safe for vivarium use.

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