VivExotic Repti-Stax Compact Vivarium Sml Mussel

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Superbly popular in Mussel white, this 23" Small Repti-Stax compact vivarium is perfect for smaller reptiles or juveniles, to allows them to explore smaller surroundings first and not get them too scared by their new environment.


  • Repti-Stax Vivarium Small Mussel
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Product Information

VivExotic Repti-Stax Small are compact vivariums ideal for keeping smaller or juvenile reptiles or even small inverts. This compact viv comes in a new VivExotic shade called Mussel which is an 'off white' magnolia type shade that will be nice and neutral among your other furnishings.

They are also designed to be stacked to maximise space and also to look great. The sizes of the Repti-Stax also match up with the Snake-Stax, so if you want to mix and match your reptile collection the housing will look neat.


Length x depth x height: 57.5cm x 37.5cm x 42cm (23" x 15" x 16.5")


VivExotic are the brand you can trust when it comes to vivariums, whether you are a beginner or a professional breeder. Whether you have a smaller gecko, a bearded dragon, a snake or a chameleon, the industry leader is VivExotic.

Wooden vivariums are particularly suited to desert vivariums. The wooden surround is a great insulator and perfect for that warm, dry habitat that is perfect for the likes of bearded dragons, cornsnakes and leopard geckos.

VivExotic vivariums have toughened glass which means if it breaks it doesn't shatter into shards but into small blunt pieces. The Viva vivariums are flatpacked and easy to assemble. All you need is a screwdriver.

When you buy your vivarium from Swell Reptiles, can be sure of a great service from start to finish. Not only do you get a great price and carriage but you also get all the help and support you need from our expert advisors.

The VivExotic Repti-Stax replaces the old LX24 vivarium and has a range of improved features.

At a glance:

  • Toughened glass
  • Improved ventilation and cable access points
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for small reptiles and inverts

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