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BiOrb Earth Desert Bedding

Sculpt dens and hiding spots in your desert enclosure

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  • Moisture holding substrate for desert terrariums
  • High quality mix of soil, sand and grit
  • Superb substrate for burrowing animals
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A great bedding for desert-dwelling lizards to play in.

What is BiOrb Earth Desert Bedding?

BiOrb Earth Desert Bedding is a fantastic desert substrate for terrariums and vivariums. Unlike most desert substrates, which are just designed to conduct heat, creating an arid environment, this substrate holds moisture and will slowly release it back into your enclosure, ideal for desert dwellers that need a little moisture, such as Leopard Geckos. BiOrb Earth Desert Bedding is made from a combination of soil, sand and grit which means that it will hold its shape when wet, allowing you or your pets to sculpt small, moist hides which are perfect for shedding. BiOrb Earth Desert Bedding is sold in plastic-free 5kg bags.

Why should I buy BiOrb Earth Desert Bedding?

If you have a shedding desert dweller or a pet that loves sandy environments but needs a little moisture, BiOrb Earth Desert Bedding is ideal. It still offers many of the benefits of a normal desert substrate, such as encouraging burrowing behaviours, but it also helps to hold moisture in an enclosure and create small hides or burrows. This substrate is also suitable for planting and is a good choice if you wish to grow any desert plants in your terrarium. This is a particularly good choice for owners of the BiOrb Earth 125 as the substrate was specially designed for the smart terrarium.

Can I use BiOrb Earth Desert Bedding in my terrarium?

Yes, even though the substrate was designed for the BiOrb Earth 125 smart terrarium and other BiOrb enclosures, it can still be used in any terrarium and will make a fantastic, slightly-moist desert substrate.





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