Swell Collapsible Gentle Giant Snake Tongs

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Handle that aggressive large snake with confidence using this durable and useful Swell Collapsible Gentle Giant Snake Tongs, only found here at Swell.


  • Collapsible Gentle Giant Snake Tong 100cm
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Product Information

These huge Collapsible Gentle Giant Snake Tongs are exclusive to Swell Reptiles and allow you to handle large snakes safely with the least fuss possible.

They come in 2 sizes, 100cm and 130cm when fully extended, and allow you to adjust the length as your snake grows, or for use by different people depending on their preferences, giving you more options than a normal pair of snake tongs.

The top arm will securely hold the snake, whilst the wide bottom plate holds him safely and gently, allowing you gentle but secure control over your snake. The force is distributed more widely, so the snake is not gripped in a 'pincer' movement. This can help the snake remain calmer, and as a result handling is easier and less stressful for all involved.

These large tongs are easy to store, simply pull and fold. The handle is designed for ultimate comfort and confidence when in use, with optimum control.

Key Features

  • Top arm will secure the snake firmly
  • Wide bottom plate for gentle, safe restraint.
  • Pull and fold collapsible mechanism
  • Easy grip handle

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