The Spider Shop Spiderling Pipettes

Allows you to easily add small amounts of water into an enclosure

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  • Transfer water into a small enclosure
  • Perfect for water bowls or raising humidity
  • Ideal for when a spray bottle would be too much
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What are The Spider Shop Spiderling Pipettes?

The Spider Shop Spiderling Pipettes are designed to be used when adding water to a spiderling enclosure in a quick and easy way. This can be used for both re-filling an empty water bowl in the spiderling container, or when adding water to dampen a substrate and raise humidity. Using a pipette is highly recommended for instances when a spray bottle could cause potential flooding, such as when adding a little water to a small container or filling a small water dish.

Key Features:

  • Quick and simple way to provide water
  • Prevents flooding
  • Multifunctional, can be used for many purposes
  • Can be used instead of a spray bottle in a small container
  • Recommended to use in a spiderling container

Why should I buy these pipettes?

These pipettes are multifunctional, and can be used for many instances in which a small amount of liquid is required to be applied to something, but it has been recommended to use in a spiderling container. Being able to have the control over how much water is being added into the container will keep your spiderlings safe, as it removes the risk of accidentally causing flooding. These pipettes are also a great choice in a spiderling container with a hatch, as it will reduce the chances of a spider escaping, as juvenile spiders are quite small, it may be hard to spot if they managed to sneak out of an open lid when you are spraying or adding water to the container. The pipette is simple to slip through a hatch and add the required amount of water without risk.

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