BiOrb Earth Sunlight LED Lighting Kit

Helps your reptile to grow healthy and stong

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  • Easy to install into the lighting bank in the lid of the BiOrb Earth
  • Closest of any light to real sunlight
  • Kit comes with brackets and a 4 power outlet for easy fitting into other vivariums
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What is the BiOrb Earth Sunlight LED Lighting Kit?

The BiOrb Earth Sunlight LED Kit contains a light fixture designed for the BiOrb Earth and is the closest to real sunlight of any tank lighting. It is very easy to install and even comes with brackets allowing you to fit it onto any vivarium of your choice

What are the benefits of the kit?

  • This lighting is the closest to sunlight that you can get allowing for your reptiles to get the correct light that they need ensuring that they will grow healthy, strong and allows your reptile to absorb calcium properly and effectively
  • Very easy to install into your BiOrb Earth as it connects into the lighting banks on the lid of the vivarium
  • The kit comes with the LED unit, brackets and a transformer with a four power outlet which allows for easy retrofitting into other reptile vivariums

What are the features of the Sunlight LED Lighting Kit?

The BiOrb Earth Sunlight LED Lighting Kit is one of the slimmest lights on the market. A single lighting unit is included with each kit, which can easily be plugged into the lighting banks on the hood of the biOrb EARTH. It offers a longlife natural sunlight option that allows optimum viewing and a natural habitat for your reptiles.

As with the RGB Infrared and UVB lighting kits, these are interchangable in the BiOrb Earth, meaning you can choose the perfect set of lighting to suit your reptiles.

Dimensions L:195 x W:46 x H:27mm
Voltage 100-240V
Line Length 0.2m
Power 11w
Colour Temperature 5500K
Light Current (Total) 650lm
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Dimmable? No
Guarantee 1 year
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