Exo Terra Porcelain Wire Light

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Simple, inexpensive and effective, this Exo Terra Porcelain Wire Lamp is heat resistant, making it perfect for your reptile heating bulbs and emiters.


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Product Information

Perfect for use with ceramic reptile heaters, the Exo Terra Wire Light fitting features a heat resistant porcelain socket, specifically designed to withstand up to 150 Watts (PT2060) / 250 Watts (PT2062) to ensure your heating equipment is sturdy and reliable for your reptile.

It can also run self-ballasted mercury vapour bulbs, allowing you to give your reptile heat, light and essential UV D3 all in a single bulb, protected by this wire light fitting.

Made to be suspended above your glass terrarium, the Exo Terra Wire Light Fitting meets all safety regulations and is a secure fitting for your reptile heat sources.


  • Small Wire Light: Best for most ceramic heaters
  • Large Wire Light: Best for Mercury Vapour bulbs

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