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Tortoise Week, PLUS get £16 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

Exo Terra Turtle Repti Clear Filter F350

Ideal for aqua-terrariums and paludariums

At a glance...
  • Three-stage internal filter that is ideal for aqua-terrariums
  • Low wattage and ready-to-use, plug-and-play filter
  • 350lph flow rate, ideal for up to 75l aquariums
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What is the Exo Terra Turtle Filter F350?

The Exo Terra Repti Clear F350 internal filter is ideal for aqua-terrariums, providing a three-stage filtration for aquatic reptiles and amphibians. 

Key features:

  • Fully submersible filter
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Compact yet powerful three-stage filtration that measures only 20 x 7 x 5cm
  • Includes chemical, mechanical and biological filtration methods for clean and clear water
  • Runs at only 6w, so economical and efficient
  • 350lph flow rate, that is ideal for a volume up to around 75l 

What are the benefits of this filter?

The F350 filter is ideal to use with the Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium, providing optimum filtration for your turtles. The three-stage filtration system includes a sponge filter for mechanical filtration, as well as cartridges for biological and chemical filtration too, keeping your water in the best condition. 

As well as this, the F350 filter includes a built-in airflow control device as well as a water flow adjuster. The two spouts include a 90-degree swivel for directing the water flow, as well as an 180° degree that can be connected to airline tubing. 

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