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Lucky Reptile Coco Background

A natural background for a rainforest terrarium

At a glance...
  • Completely natural background made from coco fibres
  • Free from chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers
  • Adds a sense of depth and natural style to your reptile home
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The Lucky Reptile Coco Background can be used as either a background or flooring for plants.

The backgrounds are completely natural, made from coco fibres which come from coconut shells.

The backgrounds don't use chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers and natural rubber is used as a glue.

They can also be used subsoil for plants and vines which quickly latch on to the coco fibres.

  • Coco Background 30cm x 30cm - 4x coco fibre mat.
  • Coco Background 50cm x 50cm - 4x coco fibre mat.
  • Coco Background 100cm x 50cm x 2cm - 1x coco fibre mat.
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