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Lucky Reptile Coco Planter

Coco plant pots are an excellent alternative to clay or plastic pots

At a glance...
  • Planters made from natural coconut fibres
  • Roots of the plants grow through coco fibers
  • No chemicals or pesticides
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Lucky Reptile Coco Planters are made from the natural fibres of coconuts and don't use any chemicals or pesticides.

As well as the coco fibres, natural gum is used as adhesive.

Plant roots fix themselves to the coco fibres and grows together. If the plant grows large, both can be transferred to a larger planter.

These planters can be used in vivariums, terrariums, aquariums as well as in the home and garden.


  • Coco Planter (Small) - 0.7 Litre.
  • Coco Planter (Medium) - 1.5 Litre.
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