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ProRep Terrascaping Texturing Compound

Give a more natural feel to your homemade decorations

At a glance...
  • Create natural-looking textured decorations
  • Press fibres or bark into resin to promote growth
  • Can be applied to homemade decorations
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What is ProRep Terrascaping Texturing Compound?

The ProRep Terrascaping Texturising Compound is a modelling compound, used to give a more natural feel to your homemade decorations.

Key Features

  • 1 kg container
  • Gives a natural feel to homemade decorations
  • Simply mix with water to use
  • Creates a wood or rock texture

How do I use this compound?

After a structure has been created, either with expanding foam or polystyrene, the ProRep Terrascaping Texturising Compound powder is to be mixed with water to create a paste and then spread over the structure to develop a wood or rock-like texture, ready to be sealed and coloured. You can even press coconut fibres, sand or bark into the resin to allow moss and plants to grow on the decorations, which will create a beautifully natural feel to the enclosure. 

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