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Reptile Frozen Food

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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile Frozen Food

Reptile frozen food help and advice

A tasty protein-rich treat

Snakes and larger lizards need protein from a fresher, more natural source, that’s where reptile frozen food can help. Our range of frozen mammals and birds are the perfect treat for larger reptiles. All of the frozen food in this range is sourced ethically by Swell.

What is reptile frozen food?

Reptile frozen food is mammals and birds that have been frozen to preserve their freshness. They can be kept frozen for weeks at a time, but no longer than six months, and make a great meal for snakes and large lizards. Before serving to your reptile the frozen food will need to be thawed in warm water.

Why should I buy reptile frozen food?

Frozen food allows your snake to experience the food they would normally eat in the wild. Frozen food is also superior to a lot of other options because it is a fantastic source of protein for your pet.

What are the main types of reptile frozen food?

Our frozen food range is split into the different types of animals that can be used as feed including; Mice, Rats, MultiMammates, Chicks, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Quail, Hamsters & Gerbils. In many ranges, you will find the option to bulk buy or purchase the species in various sizes to suit different types of pets.

What should I look for?

Research is your friend when it comes to buying reptile frozen food. You must know what your pet would eat in the wild and what its species have been shown to eat in captivity. With the right food, you can reduce your animals’ stress levels and ensure both their health and happiness.