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Swell Reptiles starter kits are tailored to the environment your pet reptile needs, based on the conditions their species originates from and the best environmental factors to allow them to thrive during their life with you.

Some kits accurately replicate a desert environment for your reptile, with sandy substrates, heat lamps, high-intensity lighting, rocky hides, all kept well-insulated in a wooden vivarium, while other tarter kits mimic a rainforest environment, creating a warm, damp and humid atmosphere with woody 'jungle floor', vines, leaves, and a place where humidity levels are maintained within a water-tight glass terrarium.

Our experts have devised Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum kits for bearded dragons, chameleons, geckos, snakes, tortoises and more, all to help make reptile care and ownership easier and more affordable!

The Bronze starter kits offer just the bare essentials for the novice reptile keeper, allowing them to keep their new reptile happy and healthy, with slightly more basic yet reliable equipment. These kits come with smaller enclosures, and are designed for juvenile or hatchling reptiles.

The Silver starter kit gives you most or all of the kit you'll need to keep an adult reptile, depending on the species. Offering more than enough reliable and functioning kit to keep your new friend happy as they enter adulthood.

The Gold starter kit offers everything you need to look after your reptile in the long term including large tank and the requisite heating, lighting and decor. Most of the Gold kits are ideal for people who want to keep more than one reptile in the tank, giving each one exemplary care.

The Platinum kit is what the pros opt for. Each one offers everything you need and then some more! Platinum means you get professional breeder quality equipment and an abundance of plush decor to allow the creation of something special.

Each kit is made to be species specific, catering for the specific habitat needs for that type of reptile, and there are three different levels of care and quality, from the basic Bronze kits, to our fantastic Platinum starter kits, containing the best products for complete care.

They are sorted by species, so now that you have chosen what reptile you want to keep, take a look at these starter kits to grab exactly what you need at the best prices.