Swell Deluxe Digital Thermo Hygrometer

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Get more precise readings on your terrarium temperature and humidity levels using this high-quality Deluxe Digital Thermo Hygrometer, only available at Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

The Swell Deluxe Digital Thermo-Hygrometer allows you to accurately measure heat and humidity of your reptile's vivarium, with a temperature range of -50C to 70C and a humidity range of 20% to 90% - its a combined thermometer and hygrometer!

Most reptiles will be affected by the humidity levels in their vivarium or terrarium, with rainforest reptiles liking higher levels, and desert reptiles thriving in dryer conditions, and you can use the Swell Deluce Digital Thermo-Hygrometer to get the humidity AND the temperature just right, saving you money instead of buying two seperate units.

This product allows you to monitor the important humidity levels within your reptile's living environment, as moisture levels are very important to the general health levels of many reptiles.

The Deluxe Digital Thermo-Hygrometer has accurate Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, displaying the readings on an easily read display.

At a glance:

  • Combined digital thermometer and hygrometer
  • Measure heat and humidity easily
  • Precise digital display
  • Swell own brand - saves you money

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 02/12/2018 08:12am
    Swell Deluxe Digital Thermo Hygrometer
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    Worked out of the box, with easy to follow instructions. Seems reasonably accurate and good sensitivity on both tempurature and humidity. A great product for the price.
  • Rating
    Date 08/04/2015 15:04pm
    Swell Deluxe Digital Thermo Hygrometer
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    Great product
  • Rating
    Date 13/11/2014 10:11am
    Swell Deluxe Digital Thermo Hygrometer
    Feefo Logo
    Haven't even put this in my vivarium Honestly it's better to stick to the standard one nothing deluxe about it