Swell Large Reptile Cave

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Even reptiles can have a bad day, so why not provide your reptile with the perfect haven away from the world with the Swell Large Reptile Cave. As well as providing privacy and a cosy environment, but with the addition of some damp moss, also aids the shedding process.


  • Large Reptile Cave
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Product Information

The Swell Large Reptile Cave is a sturdy reptile haven that is perfect for a range of pets including juvenile snakes, leopard geckos, scorpions and tarantulas. By their nature snakes and lizards feel happier if they have a place to hide.

Reptiles and invertebrates enjoy privacy and like somewhere dark to feel cosy and so the Swell Large Reptile Cave provides a large, comfortable setting in which they can feel at home.

To take comfort a step further the cave can be easily filled with moist substrate, such as sphagnum moss, to create a humid environment that aids in the shedding process. The cave measures approximately 20cm x 18cm x 7cm.

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