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  • Available in three sizes
  • Unique skull shape
  • Perfect for your spiders and invertebrates
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What are The Spider Shop Skull Hides?

The Spider Shop Skull Hides are hides made ideally for tarantulas or other exotic invertebrates to enjoy, modelled after a human skull. The distinctive skull shape is a very unique decoration, and a must-have for any horror fans, or someone who just wants a unique but functional centrepiece in their vivarium.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for tarantulas and other invertebrates
  • Unique but realistic skull shape
  • Provides shelter to relieve stress
  • Functional but also a beautiful decor piece
  • Styled after a human skull

Why should I buy The Spider Shop Skull Hide?

These hides are an excellent addition to a vivarium, as they are not only eye-catching in design, but the neutral colours will not take too much attention away from your pet, and will fit well into a natural themed enclosure. Having a place for your spider to shelter is very important, as without a hiding spot they may become stressed, which can give them some long term health issues. Providing adequate shelter is an absolute must, and the Skull Hides are a great way to prevent additional stress for these spiders, and they will also love having decor they can climb on. Available in 3 different sizes, these hides will suit a wide range of vivariums, as they start at 4cm and in the largest size are nearly 15cm, so you can choose the perfect size out of the 3 to suit your needs.

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