Arcadia D3+ UV Flood 55w

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New from Arcadia - their upgraded D3+ UV Flood lamp, now in 55w size. This bulb has all the great benefits of the original 24w, whilst now giving better heat and UV penetration.


  • D3+ UV Flood 55w
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  • 55w Replacement Lamp
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Product Information

This is a complete UV lighting unit, giving 12% UVB with a built in reflector. This combined bulb gives both the high output UVB and the heat required to absorb this efficiently. Using an IP67 fitting means this unit is classed as "waterproof", meaning that it can be used in humid environments.

This Flood lamp is optimised to provide balanced levels of UVA and UVB, giving a natural balance of light, whilst remaining flicker free, so not causing any irritation to your pet, or you!

Best used in a lower desert vivarium, or an arboreal rainforest system, this ready to use unit penetrates deeper due to the reflector, meaning the light is giving the optimum output.

Can be used screwed into a vivarium roof, placed on top of a mesh screen terrarium, or used over an open enclosure with the use of the stand that supports this unit.

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    Date 28/09/2018 10:09am
    Arcadia 55w Replacement Lamp
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    been hard to get hold of for nearly a year
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    Date 21/12/2017 07:12am
    Arcadia D3+ UV Flood 55w
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    Got this for my panther chameleon, great product