Arcadia EarthPro-Insect Fuel

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The Arcadia EarthPro range brings another addition, the Insect Fuel, a complete diet and supplement to be feeding your bugs prior to feeding, allowing the best nutrition for your pets.


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Product Information

This new Insect Fuel is a perfect supplement to give to any livefood, and is suitable for consumption by all exotic pets. This will mean that each bug you feed to your reptile will have the perfect levels of vitamins and minerals, as well as nutrition, so that your reptile is getting the very best of what it eats.

Based on UK grown Alfalfa, and containing all the vitamins and minerals required, this food comes in two pack sizes to suit you. Whilst it contains everything needed to keep your pets healthy, it doesnt contain any synthetic supplements, so there is no risk of overdosing like some other brand supplements.

Ideally used with the EarthPro-Ca supplement, to ensure optimum calcium is being given as well, this is the ideal feeder diet for your reptiles. It can also be used as a dietary supplement directly for herbivores.

Product Information:

  • UK grown Alfalfa base, with full spectrum vitamins and minerals
  • Potent Carotenoid for Vitamin A production
  • Bee Pollen for digestion and general wellbeing
  • Suitable for all exotic pets
  • Nontoxic and zero Phytic acid

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    Arcadia EarthPro-Insect Fuel 250g
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    Arcadia EarthPro-Insect Fuel 50g
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    Arcadia EarthPro-Insect Fuel 250g
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