Swell Livefood Waxworms bulk bag

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Save money by buying your Livefood Waxworms from Swell in a bulk bag - giving you a further discount on our already fantastic prices.


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Product Information

Waxworms are a tasty treat for your reptiles.

Our waxworms are fed delicious nutrients such as honey and wheatgerm to make them nutritious and tasty for your pet.

Waxworms Bulk Bags are great value and your reptile will love them.

Waxworms are the larvae of the waxmoth and are suitable for feeding to any lizard.

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Product Specification

Product Size
Swell Livefood Waxworms BULK 75g Approx 250
Swell Livefood Waxworms BULK 300g Approx 1000

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