The Spider Shop Millipede Mulch

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A specific Millipede Mulch substrate that is perfect for all species of Millipede, providing a rich diet for these specialist feeders.


  • Millipede Mulch 3ltr
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Product Information

The Spiders Shops Millipede Mulch is a specially designed substrate and diet for Millipedes, that provides the perfect housing and diet for these unique creatures.

Containing everything from moss, decayed wood, decayed leaf, fungi, organic compost and more, this is ideal for housing Millipedes, and should ideally be used alongside a varied diet of vegetables and fruit for optimum health.

Also suitable for other forage feeders, such as isopods, Vampire Crabs and many Roaches, this comes in a 3ltr bag, and is ready to use as is.

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