Reptile Livefood

Most types of live food are suitable for the majority of reptile species. Whether it is part of a balanced diet or an occasional treat, our range of live food for reptiles and amphibians includes: crickets, flies, locusts, mealworms and waxworms. These creatures are all rich in protein for your reptile! We recommend doing some research on your exact species of reptile, to help you find which livefood is most suitable.

Our live food is bred in ethical conditions in the United Kingdom, stored in the most hygienic conditions possible. The benefit of live food for your reptile is huge. Not only does it provide nutrients from a fresh and natural source, but it also teaches natural behaviour - such as to hunt, becoming at their happiest when they are exhibiting instinct.

Swell Reptiles offer live food ranges in Bulk Pack purchases, so don't forget to browse our website to find the best offers available. Orders placed before 2PM weekdays will be sent across to our breeder on the very same day. Your order will then be picked, packed and carefully sent out in our 100% recycled plastic tubs with our trusted couriers. We are confident your live food will arrive in the best possible condition.