Reptile Livefood

Most types of live food are suitable for the majority of reptile species as part of a balanced diet or as an occasional treat, including bearded dragon, iguana and geckos. Our large range of live food for reptiles and amphibians includes crickets, flies, locusts, mealworms and waxworms - all of which can be found to be great protein for your reptile, just do a little research on your exact species of reptile to be sure!

The reptile live food on offer here has been bred to the highest standards and kept in the most hygienic conditions possible to keep your reptile in great health while they snack-out on these tasty grubs.

The benefit of livefood for your reptile is huge: not only do they get their nutrients from a fresh, natural source, but they are also taught to hunt through it, becoming at their happiest when they are exhibiting their natural behaviour.

Swell Reptiles offer all our live food ranges in Bulk Packs, so don't forget to browse our site to find the best offers. Order before 2pm weekdays, we will send your order over to our breeder the very same day. Your order will then be picked, packed and carefully sent out with our trusted couriers to ensure it reaches you and your reptile in the best possible condition.