Swell Livefood Snails

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Swell snails are great edible snails that are an excellent treat for a variety of reptiles. They're a popular variation in diet for toads and terrapins, and also Garter Snakes and Skinks, and many other large bodied lizards too.


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Product Information

Snails are an ideal source of nutrition for specific species such as Blue Tongue Skinks, and terrapins. The come available in varying sizes, so something to suit your animals. They are human grade quality (go on, we dare you!), and are completely pesticide free.

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  • Amazing value for money.
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  • Livefood tubs made from 100% recycled material.

Easy to feed and a great treat to provide your pet with some much needed change to their diets, these are sent out in the same great quality directly to you door, and are available in small or medium size. Their shells are a perfect source of calcium, so are great nutrition for your reptiles, whilst also offering them an activity to hunt down and eat a new food item.

These come in two sizes - with 8 in the Medium Size, and 12 in the Small Size.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 10/07/2017 01:07am
    Swell Snails Pre-Pack Small
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    Most snails arrived dead, stank to high heaven when I opened the boxes. The ones that were alive had extremely brittle shells, clearly had not been fed on a decent diet containing enough calcium.

    Also sizes varied greatly. I ordered small snails, as I had ordered medium previously and they were a little too big. Some of the ones that arrived were miniscule, and only a few were actually what I would class as small.
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    Date 18/03/2017 09:03am
    Swell Snails Pre-Pack Medium
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    They are good quality snails, only 1 doa but i think thats more to do with the delivery servwas my box was sqished
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    Date 07/10/2016 15:10pm
    Swell Snails Pre-Pack Small
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    The snails were good but they should have provided some kind of bug gel etc too for the snails
    Also the container had no ventilation holes in it.